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Lighting Clock


As part of a regeneration programme at Byker and Walker in Newcastle upon Tyne, Aether & Hemera were commissioned by the Council to create two interactive lighting features for the main entrances of Harbottle Park, that would engage the surrounding community.

The result for one of the entrances is Lighting Clock, a 4 meters Cor-ten steel landmark which incorporates the name of the park and that signals the exact time through coloured light impulses replacing the chimes in usual clock towers.

A custom antenna detects the atomic clock signal transmitted by the National Physical Laboratory and a custom hardware and bespoken DMX software translate it into colour lighting scenography every 15 minutes, using RGB high-powered LEDs.

A connection to the genius loci and local historical context is provided taking inspiration from the neighbouring former Maling pottery, where a clock tower used to indicate the time to local residents.

A Public Art project commissioned by Newcastle City Council.

Photos Credit: J.Thompson and Gloria Ronchi

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