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Growing Forest


Growing Forest is an interactive video projection, which visualizes the growing state of the social relations in the exhibition space; a seed, growing in real-time while individuals chat with one another, represents each conversation. Seeds germinate; shrubs grow into trees and change in shape, size and hue depending on the duration and volume of the conversation as perceived by different sensors and microphones.

Not only do dialogues develop the Growing Forest, but also by displaying a representation of conversations to the audience, provides new items to discuss, resulting in a convoluted self-generating loop. The Growing Forest represents a narrative visualization of all discussions’ history.

R&D Supported by Arts Council of England North East in 2010.

Exhibition history:

Conversation at The Shed Creative Studios, part of the Design Festival, 21-31 October 2010, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Blinc Digital, 26th - 28th of October 2012, Conwy, Wales. Curated by Craig Morrison and Joel Cockrill.

Photo credit: Ros Kavanagh

(c)Ros Kavanagh (c)Ros Kavanagh (c)Ros Kavanagh

Growing Forest from Aether-Hemera on Vimeo.

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