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Blue TriVeru


Blue Tri-Veru is a dichroic glass suspended artwork for one of the main entrances of a new Truro Health Park.

The name Truro is derived from the Cornish “tri-veru”, meaning "three rivers" owing to its location. Inspired by the colours of the rivers and the genius loci of Truro, our artwork is made of dichroic glass and stainless steel wires. Patterns of light are projected in the surrounding space, shifting in hue and intensity, thanks to the natural light coming through the multi-storey windows.

Aether & Hemera worked closely with the lead artist Rob Olins, and the other artists involved in the project in order to create a fil-rouge of coordinated artworks through the building. Aether & Hemera also collaborated with DAC architects to create artworks that felt integrated into the building.

A Public Art project commissioned by AFHC (Arts for Health Cornwall and Isles of Scilly).


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